floralshadow asked: Reminder: Love you :)

Love you too



floralshadow asked: I love youu and i miss you and my baby brother is a ray of sunshine xxx

awh sis I would say I miss you too but thats impossible. By it’s very nature the only way to miss someone is for them to be absent and for you to acknowledge their absence. So, how can you be missed if you’re in my heart? How can you be absent, if you’re always with me?

Can’t wait for you to get back :)


Do you ever get that feeling where you don’t want to talk to anybody? You don’t want to smile and you don’t want to fake being happy. But at the same time you don’t know exactly what’s wrong either. There isn’t a way to explain it to someone who doesn’t already understand. If you could want…

My kind of girl....


A short cute sweet girl. Really bubbly and jumpy. Almost like a little kid. But she has to be sweet. And a little bit shy too. Just someone simple. Not anyone overly sexy or fit. I don’t like girls like that and I’d be afraid of other guys taking her away from me. I like my girls cute and little…


For the long distance couples.

Whatchu know about Plato? #plato #republic #philosophy



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the grand canyon’s south rim, photographed by rolf maeder using a twenty five second exposure and, for the first two pictures, a flashlight to illuminate the foreground.

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Bye dad.

So I’m moving out tomorrow, going to University. Ever since I was little my dad told me to go to university. Even before I knew what it was. All my life he’s pushed me for this. I’ve grown up hating my father and still do. I resent him for not letting me have a proper childhood. Never once letting me do something that makes me happy. Never once letting me chase my dreams. For what I am today, all credit goes to my mum, my two cousins Upasna and Sneha, Venus & Henna. Without them I might not even be here. So thanks dad, for never being there for me, for laughing at me when I went through depression, for making me feel like shit, for telling me how shit I am, how much of a failure I am. Thanks for those hugs you NEVER gave me, for all those times I tried so hard just so you’d smile and tell me you’re proud. But that never happened. So tomorrow, I go off to university for YOU dad. torturing myself for 3 years, studying a subject I have no passion for. Why? because a little part of me still loves you. A little part of me is still that child that wants his dad to hug him. Tomorrow, you’ll drop me off at uni and we’ll say our temporary goodbyes. Mum will be all teary and hug me. You…just a simple handshake. You won’t miss me as your son, but you’ll miss me as a lawyer/accountant/solicitor and any other roles you’ve had me play for you over the years. Doing YOUR accounts, filling out YOUR forms, doing everything YOU should have done. Over the years you’ve had me do so much. missing out on my childhood. I promise I’ll be a better father to my kids.

Dear Future Children; I promise you will NEVER have to face the shit I did.